Monday, December 17, 2012

Post #22: Final Evaluation

Today you will write your final evaluation. Please be sure to answer thoughtfully and print off a hard copy to give to Megan. Evals are DUE THURSDAY, DEC 20. Please put them in my mailbox in the office!

Please discuss your learning using the following guidelines to articulate your narrative of your experience in this class. Please double space and use 12 pt. font. This should not be a question and answer evaluation, but rather written as an essay/narrative providing details in your writing.

The following graduation expectations were addressed in class. Please discuss your growth with each and be sure to provide examples 





What Open School Goal or Goals did you meet by taking this class?

What was a highlight of this class?

What was something that you learned that was unexpected?

Was there anything you thought we didn’t need to have a part of the class? If so, explain.

 Is there anything you wish we had covered in class that we didn’t get to that we could add the next time we teach this?

Explain your personal blog. Did you meet your personal goals? Explain.

Do you hope to continue your blog on your own? Why or why not?

Provide feedback for me so that I can improve this class and my teaching.

Finally, what is your “take away” or “elevator speech” about Blogger? If someone asked you to briefly explain this class, what would you say? (For example, if a co-advisee says they’re interested in signing up for this class next year, how would you explain it?)

Thanks for joining us in this technological adventure! 

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Post #21: Make Yourself Known...

So, here it is... your final blog post (we will be writing evals and posting those on Monday...):

Your required post today:

  • At least 3 paragraphs
  • Post at least one photo or video that is relevant to your topic
  • Be creative
  • Use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  • Make a statement about yourself - your beliefs - your interests - your life - etc
For fun...

Monday, December 10, 2012

Post #20: Magic Comments...

A PRIZE will go to the person who makes the MOST helpful, thoughtful, creative posts to other students in your classes...

Your job today - post on EVERY (YES! I SAID EVERY) blog on our classroom list. YOU get to choose WHICH post you comment on - but you MUST comment on every person's blog.

Kind and Appropriate are Open School Norms... but of course we ALWAYS want you to be creative and have fun with your work.

This is also an opportunity to catch up on all your posts if you have fallen behind.

Thank you, Odin! Excellent idea!

Be smart... don't end up like these folks!

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Tonight, the JeffCo Open School will be celebrating our annual Peace Night. We take time out of our busy lives to celebrate one another and our community. We focus on Peace during the holiday season and think of a theme based on peace.

This year we are focusing on the story of Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes.
Sadako and the Paper Crane:

Watch the above videos about Sadako. Reflect on the message of her story.

Required Post:

  • Post a video of Sadako (you can search the web for other videos that you may like better)
  • Write a summary of the story in your OWN words
  • Share your thoughts about the story
  • Write what YOU can do to Create the World that Ought to Be (how you influence peace in your life, your family, your community, etc.)
Don't forget to comment on other student blogs! 

Monday, December 3, 2012

#18: YouTube

Today I would like you to explore some YouTube videos... ideally something you have NEVER seen before.

Required Post:

  • Find a video on YouTube that connects to your blog "theme"
  • Post the video
  • Describe the video and WHY it connects to your "theme" - or at the very least, describe why you like it... etc. 
  • I will be expecting the description to be the "starting point" of your blog. Think of the video as the introduction to today's post - not the MAIN idea.
  • Grammar, punctuation, and content will be assessed for this post.
  • Do your best!
  • I will be watching comments from this date until the end of the semester towards your completion of this class. It is an expectation that you comment on AT LEAST three other blog posts each class. If you have issues with posting comments, you MUST talk with me!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

#17: Show What You Know

Today's Post is open ended. However, you are expected to use all the grammar and writing help that you have learned so far. I will be looking for correct spelling, proper grammar, and correct punctuation. You should easily write at least 3 structured paragraphs. Don't forget your fellow classmates and their LOVE of your comments (be helpful and supportive - no "that's cool" or similar, please!).

It is always exciting when you add photos or videos to your blog posts...

Have fun!

Monday, November 26, 2012

#16: Parts of Speech

Is is INCREDIBLY important for you to understand the roles of all EIGHT parts of speech.

  1. Noun: a part of speech inflected for case, signifying a concrete or abstract entity
  2. Verb: a part of speech without case inflection, but inflected for tense, person and number, signifying an activity or process performed or undergone
  3. Participle: a part of speech sharing the features of the verb and the noun
  4. Interjection: a part of speech expressing emotion alone
  5. Pronoun: a part of speech substitutable for a noun and marked for a person
  6. Preposition: a part of speech placed before other words in composition and in syntax
  7. Adverb: a part of speech without inflection, in modification of or in addition to a verb, adjective, clause, sentence, or other adverb
  8. Conjunction: a part of speech binding together the discourse and filling gaps in its interpretation

Some help:

Nouns: School House Rock

Verbs: School House Rock

Required Post:
  • Discuss and Define ALL 8 parts of speech in your OWN words - it may be easiest to use examples
  • Comment on AT LEAST THREE other people's blogs
  • Be creative and have fun - even though you are writing about grammar, you should be able to make this exciting and interesting to read.