Thursday, September 27, 2012

Post #5: Show Us What You've Got

Today's Post is OPEN... WIDE OPEN...

Your followers and I will be looking for:
  • An OBVIOUS introduction - meaning you talk a little bit about your blog theme or yourself
  • Proper Grammar
  • No Run-On or Fragmented sentences
  • Clear understanding of what your blog is about...
  • Appropriate language
  • A question or two for your followers to answer in their comments
Be sure to be creative, engaging, and unique!

Good luck! Happy Blogging!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Post #4: Rediscover the Joy of Learning...

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rediscover the Joy of Learning!

Today's Required Post: Explain what the first goal of the Open School means to you: Rediscover the Joy of Learning!

If you need help understanding the goal, read our website: Open School Philosophy.

As always, do your best to use this post as a creative way to share your own goals and passions of this blog. Add videos, pictures, stories, and whatever else you can find to share your thoughts on Rediscovering the Joy of Learning!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Post #3: Awesomeness!

Spreading Some "Awesomeness" into this Wild World... 

When life gets hard, maybe you need to focus on the postive aspects of your life. Today we will "meet" Neil Pasricha. This is a great story about a man who has had some ups and downs in life, but found a way through writing to make positive changes. Let's look at how being optimistic and blogging has changed his life for the better: 

Discussion Questions:
  • How did Neil Pasricha change his life for the better?
  • Why do you feel his blog ( is a catalyst for his wellbeing? 
  • What is his message? 

Required Post: Reflect on the class discussion. How can you relate to Neil Pasricha? Does your blog have a theme? Try to incorporate Neil's 3 A's as you write about his presentation:
  • Attitude 
  • Awareness
  • Authenticity
As always, try to be creative in your posting. 

At a MINIMUM, you must comment on 3 other student posts. I challenge you to post on 6-8 others! 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Post #2: Sentence Structures...

Sentence Structures! 

Run On and On an On and On... and fragments, OH MY!

Today's class will begin with a mini lesson on sentences - the complete ones, the fragmented ones, and those that go on and on and on.... 

All sentences need a subject and a predicate. To help understand, I've asked "Mr. Morton" from the School House Rock to join us:

I know students can't log into You Tube at school... try this:

After watching the video, please walk through the power point presentation about sentence fragments (attached below).

Next, do your best to understand what a RUN ON sentence is. 

Then, quiz yourself. You have two options:
1. Capital Community College Run On and Fragment Quiz
2. Grammar Bytes - Chomp Chomp Quiz on Sentence Fragments:

Finally, today's required post: 
Share your quiz experience - how did you do? What do writers need to remember when writing sentences? How do run-ons and fragments fit in your blogosphere? Do they work? Why or why not? Can you share an example of a run-on sentence? A fragment? As always, I challenge you to be  creative. Can you weave today's post into your own "style" or blog theme? Good Luck! 

Please don't forget to comment on AT LEAST THREE other student blogs. If you are having any trouble, ask for help! 

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Post #1: Who are you? Create your "Blogography"

Blogography? What is that?? Well... it is your Blog Story. Today you will introduce yourself to our Blogosphere (community of bloggers). You will tell us a little about yourself.

In order to be "safe" in the world of Blogging, don't use your last name. You may even come up with and alias if you wish.

First! I need you to go to your "Dashboard" and click "settings" on the left side. Next, click "posts and comments" - allow "anyone" to comment.

Today's Assignment:

  • Tell us a little about yourself
  • Explain your blog - what you'd like to blog about and why
  • Make a statement - see if anyone in your Blogoshpere will comment about your views and ideas...
Be creative. Try your best. I'd like you to try to do your best with spelling and grammar (PLEASE use spell check). 

Have fun! Good luck! 

Some extras: 
  • Try adding photos or videos
  • Start asking your neighbors what their blog addresses are so you can add comments
  • Start following other blogs

Monday, September 10, 2012

Start Blogging with Surveys...

In order for us to have a successful semester, I would like to know about your intentions for Blogger. I will help students set up their individual blogs. In the mean time, here are two surveys to help answer a few questions:

Next... once you have your blog set up, please complete this survey:

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Welcome to Blogger!

What have you gotten yourself into THIS time??

Today's blogging assignment only involves watching and listening... and ideally some commenting.

Let's start here...

What is blogging??

Click HERE for a video about blogging

Mena Trott's biography:

Questions for discussion:

1. Who is Mena Trott?

2. What impact has she had on blogging in general?

3. How did she get started?

Next week we will learn about YOU and what you are interested in learning and writing about in this course. I'm looking forward to reading and hearing all about you and your "blog-o-sphere"!