Monday, October 29, 2012

Post #11: Intensives & organization

Welcome back from your fall break! We are going to focus on paragraphs and organization this week.

Sadly School House Rock does NOT have a segment to teach us how to write a paragraph. Instead, I found this horrible video clip to help you stay focused in your paragraph... It's terrible, but hopefully you'll catch my humor is knowing that you may actually learn something from this!

What I want you to do today is to write THREE paragraphs:

1. Describe your Intensive - what did you do and learn? what were your highlights and lowlights?

2. If you could design your very own three day Intensive, describe it!

3. What are your goals for 2nd block? Write these in paragraph form (they can be specific to Blogger or for all your classes - it is up to you)

Add LABELS to your blog today to help gather followers... I'll explain!
Don't forget to comment on other students' blogs!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Post #10: Block 1 Eval & 2nd Grade Play!

Today you will do TWO things...

  1. You will get a hard copy of the Block 1 Guidelines from Norma. Please complete this by the end of class. However, DO NOT FORGET to print off one of your best posts to staple/attach to your eval.
  2. At 2pm, Jana's Reading group will be performing a play for you in her classroom. Please clean up your area, return your computer, and be ready to walk with Norma to Jana's room by 2pm.
*If for some reason you cannot complete your eval by 2pm, please turn it into Megan's mailbox by Monday!! 

Monday, October 15, 2012

Post #9: Guided "Open" Post

Yep - you've got it... you're now into the swing of the blogosphere. I will be using today's post to assess your understanding of this course and your responsibilities as a Blogger.

Today's post has a handful of requirements:

  1. Your title must incorporate your "main idea" for today's post AND your blog's theme
  2. You must somehow connect to one of the 5 Goals of the Open School (and mention it by name so I don't have to "guess")
  3. You need to include at least one website link as a reference or to further your reader's knowledge on the subject
  4. You need to add a video and/or a photo that connects to your theme/topic of the day
  5. You need to share your opinions AND be sure to explain yourselves (examples and stories are the best way to do this)

Please complete your Mid-term Eval (hard copy) and return to Megan by Thursday's class October 18. 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Post #8: Why We Need to Believe in Others

Ted Talk:

Viktor Frankl: Why to believe in others

From TED’s Best of the Web series comes a fabulous lecture by influential psychiatrist, philosopher, and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl. In it, he explores youth’s universal quest for meaning. It should be a message that resonates immensely through temporal and cultural boundaries, offering some nourishing, intelligent bits to chew on.
Viktor Frankl - information and the video via the Ted Talks website.

Your Required Post:
Briefly summarize Viktor Frankl's message. Explain your thoughts and reaction to this speech and how it relates to the Open School Goal, "Seek Meaning in Your Life."

Please remember to comment on at least three other blogs today.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Post #7: Presidential Politics

So, I woke up this morning and took Olive (my dog) on the same walk we walk EVERY day. But, today was different. There were hundreds - thousands, maybe - of people at the park behind my house. President Obama was expected to speak at Sloan's Lake Park later in the morning. I hung out for a while, listened to the bands, the speakers, and watched the people. Very cool - right out my back door!

Then... I needed to go to work. Huh. That was going to be a problem. You see, my alley and garage are right next to Sloan's Park. I needed to find someone to escort me and my car on to the street. A police car (with lights) and a Secret Service officer escorted me all the way to the main "drag". Here is a blog write-up of Obama's visit to Sloan's Lake: the hill. Or ABC News if you prefer: Sloan's Lake ABC News


Oftentimes talking politics can bring out raw emotions. Last night was our first Presidential debate between our Presidential candidates, President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney (right here in Denver, Colorado!). There are some very big differences between these two candidates.

Spend some time reading about the candidates and the issues they stand for. Try to remove yourself from prior assumptions or thoughts. Take time to formulate a strong opinion that has factual backing, rather than emotional ties. Who is right for YOU and your lifestyle? Why?

Meet the Candidates: Scholastic News Candidate Info

Learn more about last night's debate: Oct 4th Debate at University of Denver

Mitt Romney:

Barack Obama:

Without bashing anyone or using inappropriate language, can you explain what impact the President may have on YOUR life?

Without offending others - comment on other people's posts. Using facts, not emotions to share your thoughts on the issues.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Post #6: Using Quotations, "Yipee!!"

Today's Lesson Involves Quotation Marks.

"What's that you say?" she asked from the back of the library.

"Quotation marks and other punctuation," yapped Megan as Mitzi giggled in the corner.

Please listen to Grammar Girl for some tips:
Quotation marks with other punctuation

Then give yourself a bit of a quiz:
Quotation marks Quiz

Here is a funny blog making fun of people who misuse quotation marks:
Unnecessary Quotes Blog

Today's Required Post:

You can write today's post about ANYTHING you'd like. HOWEVER, you must use quotation marks at least TWICE. This is your time to prove your understanding, rather than having to discuss your quiz. Have fun with it. I suggest searching for fun quotes about a passion of yours, or recreate a story involving you and your friends.

You also MUST comment on at least THREE other Blogs today - check out someone you haven't yet...

Blog It!