Monday, December 10, 2012

Post #20: Magic Comments...

A PRIZE will go to the person who makes the MOST helpful, thoughtful, creative posts to other students in your classes...

Your job today - post on EVERY (YES! I SAID EVERY) blog on our classroom list. YOU get to choose WHICH post you comment on - but you MUST comment on every person's blog.

Kind and Appropriate are Open School Norms... but of course we ALWAYS want you to be creative and have fun with your work.

This is also an opportunity to catch up on all your posts if you have fallen behind.

Thank you, Odin! Excellent idea!

Be smart... don't end up like these folks!


  1. Megan..M-Megan, don't lock us up. It's not nice :c

  2. Psh......Me? Go in jail? Never <(^.^)>

  3. DOESNT SOUND FUUUN :C i'd rather go into jail any day