Monday, December 17, 2012

Post #22: Final Evaluation

Today you will write your final evaluation. Please be sure to answer thoughtfully and print off a hard copy to give to Megan. Evals are DUE THURSDAY, DEC 20. Please put them in my mailbox in the office!

Please discuss your learning using the following guidelines to articulate your narrative of your experience in this class. Please double space and use 12 pt. font. This should not be a question and answer evaluation, but rather written as an essay/narrative providing details in your writing.

The following graduation expectations were addressed in class. Please discuss your growth with each and be sure to provide examples 





What Open School Goal or Goals did you meet by taking this class?

What was a highlight of this class?

What was something that you learned that was unexpected?

Was there anything you thought we didn’t need to have a part of the class? If so, explain.

 Is there anything you wish we had covered in class that we didn’t get to that we could add the next time we teach this?

Explain your personal blog. Did you meet your personal goals? Explain.

Do you hope to continue your blog on your own? Why or why not?

Provide feedback for me so that I can improve this class and my teaching.

Finally, what is your “take away” or “elevator speech” about Blogger? If someone asked you to briefly explain this class, what would you say? (For example, if a co-advisee says they’re interested in signing up for this class next year, how would you explain it?)

Thanks for joining us in this technological adventure! 

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